Hello Art lovers and fellow creatives.


Firstly I would like to say a quick apology to those who so kindly visited my studio and signed up for my email list during the 2019 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, apologies for such a delay in me posting/ reaching out to you to say a “BIG THANK YOU” for including my studio and paintings in your busy days of the Art Crawl. Everyone that came to visit lifted me up by allowing me to share my body of work that I had done over the year. Really means a lot to me to see you!


This year I had planned on having a Studio Sale this summer on one Sunny weekend but life changed for everyone due to CoVid 19. I will at some point have a virtual online sale. Will drop you a line when I do.

I am reluctantly not going to participate in the Art Crawl per se. It was a hard choice to make, but due to the current circumstances with CoVid 19. Like some other artists, I felt that at this time it was the right choice for me and for everyone’s safety to step back from opening my studio freely to the public. I am disappointed for sure, but look forward to being back in 2021 all things normal again.

Although, I will be available to having showings of my 2020 collection by appointment during the Art Crawl or anytime you are visiting the coast and would like to see what I have been up to on the canvases. Just visit my website contact and call/or text or email me and I will make sure the studio door will be open for you. www.lizchristianart.com I would love to see you! I always feel grateful and honoured to share my Art with you.

If there were any paintings you wished you had purchased at last years art crawl. Let me know, I will tell you if it is going to be part of the online sale coming soon. This way you won’t miss out. 


I am just completing a Black and White series. Large scale Semi Abstracts, contemporary pieces, with calm subtle hues grounded mostly in nature. Many creamy thick lush layers of paint create its depth and history. Marks applied with my signature style of structure/tension alongside looseness/letting go. Kind of like a deep breath in and a long freeing exhale:) A balance of calm and heartening excitement. You may have noticed that even in my most quiet (in regards to my colour palettes) there is always somewhere a touch/little surprise of turquoise.


There is a wide swath of shades of Turquoise, all of which soothe the senses and remind us of something precious, whether it be the Aegean seas of Greece or the stunning contrast of the burnt by the sun layers of desert cliffs against the brilliant colour of Turquoise.

Many call it a power stone, one for protection. For me, I think of it as protection for maintaining delight, the wonderful feeling of seeing something so fresh, soft and brilliantly alive as the colour of Turquoise in all it’s different shades. My paintings are about bringing curiosity and joyfulness and a heartening delight always bringing a lift and warmth to whatever room they adorn. Nothing too complicated, life takes care of that part. If you are like me you are looking for a little Zen in your home’s energy.

Hope you enjoy visiting my website where you can view my NEW 2020 collection and my pieces on the “gallery” page and in the “Art in the Home” gallery page shown in a setting. As usual, photographs are not the best way to view paintings, art is best appreciated and seen fully in person. So please don’t hesitate to contact me for a studio visit. www.lizchristianart.com / Also find/follow me on f/b lizchristian2025


I hope to be posting a newsletter a couple of times a year in the future to let you know about my new projects. And other arty leads and things of interest that I want to share with you. For example: I love music, I paint with music, I adjust my moods with music. Lately, I have been listening to the beautiful album ” All We Are Saying” ( a John Lennon tribute) by jazz guitarist Bill Frisell. It is all instrumental with a stellar group of players. Truly a wonderful peaceful uplifting recording. Hope you enjoy.

Okay all for now my Art friends. My next newsletter won’t be so long. It’s just that it’s been a long time coming. Life gets in the way, it seems to be like that. Best Wishes, wishing everyone calm ease and happiness during these challenging times and always. Liz

P.S. As you can see I have an abundance of beautiful paintings waiting to be seen, so if you are here.  I hope you include me in your next visit to the coast. I would be honoured. Stay tuned for virtual Studio Sale. Paintings can be shipped or delivered.



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