Acrylic on Large canvases. Some mixed media work. Copper/gold leaf.
Natural turquoise stone applied

Liz Christian

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris by a family immersed in art, I found my home on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and in the natural world engulfing it.


I create paintings in a raw, spontaneous way, without rules or boundaries. Working intuitively, through many layers, the painting’s individual journey comes into its own. Each finished painting is unique with its own history and soul. Each is powerful in its own way. My semi-abstract expressionism is grounded in the natural world, reflecting both its excitement and its calm. The paintings radiate curiosity. Colour inspires me and fills my work on so many levels, including brilliant contrasts and neutrals. My colors and forms are always joyful with many detailed surprises and nuances amidst a larger harmony.

Art has been one of my life teachers, a vehicle for discovery. My process balances containment and letting go. There rarely is a plan when I begin. The canvas, the paints, and the natural environment guide me. A reflection of how I see the world, painting allows me to free my heart as well as offer sweetness and compassion to all living beings. That is how the lightness of heart shines in my work.

My home is full of art that gives me positive energy. I feel honored when one of my paintings brings that energy to others. My paintings have a way of holding a position in the home. I prefer larger canvases so that they draw the viewer’s eye into their world and provide a space of belonging. To me, art is not about decor. What matters is: does it resonate with you? Chosen out of love, these creations will bring an uplifting cheerful delight whenever gazed upon.