Acrylic on Large canvases. Some mixed media work. Copper/gold leaf.
Natural turquoise stone applied

Liz Christian Art Gallery

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris by a family immersed in art, I found my home on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, and in the natural world engulfing it.


I create paintings in a raw, spontaneous way, without rules or boundaries. Travelling intuitively, through many layers, the painting comes into its own. Each finished piece is unique, with a history and soul. Each is powerful in its own way.

My semi-abstract expressionism is grounded in the natural world, reflecting both its excitement and its calm. Images emerge from dense biodiversity, zooming in and zooming out to capture different scales of reality, of flora and fauna and landscape. I draw inspiration from the light and colour of the American Southwest as well as magnificent British Columbia.

A snapshot from my imagination invites the viewer to discover their own connection to each piece. That is the joy of art: through individual perspectives, we find common feelings and shared human spirit.

Liz Christian Art - gallery showing